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Save. Smash. Spend
 January 22 2018     Posted by Sarah Collins

Save. Smash. Spend

We all have our wish lists of things we'd like to buy if we could only save the money! Whether it's a family vacation, dream wedding or a home renovation; a Terramundi Pot is a great way to save for that special wish. I recently purchased A Terramundi Pot from the Gift Chest in Wingham, ON and I'm so excited to start saving for my Bucket List. 

The little tag which came tied to it says this: History: This is Etruscan money amphora.  These money pots have been used in Italy for the last 2000 years and their hand thrown design has remained the same.  Examples can be seen in the British Museum.

Tradition: Once the first coin is dropped the money pot must be feed till full, then smashed whilst making a wish.  It is customary to replace pot and to spend on good things.  Pots bring fortune.  There is a fortune coin in Each Pot.  Hots hold up to $500 in dimes, nickels and quarters.  Terramundi!

Having a 'piggy bank' might seem a bit more in keeping up with a five-year-old’s outlook on money, but the average household can have a whopping $921 hanging around in loose change! 

The goal is to put any spare change you find into your Terramundi Pot. This sounds really easy, right? Well, it actually takes a lot of discipline and determination to put any spare change you find into a savings jar on a regular basis. Unlike a traditional piggy bank, you can't get your money out of these unless you break it open.  Each pot comes with a small card on which you record a wish and the date, then drop it into the pot with the first silver coin.  Once that first coin is dropped in, your money pot must be fed until it is full.  At that time you smash it while making a wish.  

Are you someone who could benefit from a money pot to save for a holiday, a pony, a computer, a bike, a designer handbag, a new kitchen, tickets for the football or hockey game, a car - or even an annual prepayment on your mortgage! No matter how big or small - a Terramundi money pot makes saving fun and easy! 

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